Breathing (Atmen)

The remarkably assured directorial debut from veteran Austrian actor Karl Markovics (best known for The Counterfeiters) creates an interplay between the perilousness of youth and the inevitability of death. Roman is an inmate at a juvenile detention center whose last hope of parole rests on his ability to hold down a job, in this case as a morgue assistant. A chance observation of a body bag sparks the first bit of initiative in a previously aimless life, but a brief reunion with his wayward mother further stymies his search for a sense of purpose. As Roman attempts to connect with a life hanging in the balance, his work leads to remorse, horror, and ultimately a glimmer of illumination. A Kino Lorber release.

Director Q&A at both screenings!
2011. Austria. 90 min.
Writer/Director: Karl Markovics
Producers: Dieter Pochlatko, Nikolaus Wisiak,
EPO Filmproduktion
Music: Herber Tucmandl
Cinematographer: Martin Gschlacht
Editor: Alarich Lenz
Producti on Director: Bernhard Schmatz
Cast: Thomas Schubert, Karin Lischka, Gerhard Liebmann,
Georg Friedrich, Stefan Matousch

Thank you to Kino Lorber and the Austrian Film Commission.