Found Memories (Histórias que só existem quando lembradas)

Set in a remote area of Brazil where coffee plantations flourished in the 1800s, this finely calibrated film follows Rita, a young, wandering photographer, as she comes to understand life in a community where time has seemingly stood still and people’s traditional roles clash with modern society. The film’s original title, which translates as “Stories That Only Exist When Remembered,” beautifully expresses the theme of Murat’s poetic rendering of the fictive Jotuomba, its inhabitants affectionately wedded to the rituals and land that contain the memories of their lives. Rita’s visit occasions a confluence of generations and cultures that seem to grow organically out of the setting in this extraordinarily accomplished and mature first feature. A Film Movement release.

Director Q&A at both screenings!
2011. Brazil. 98 min.
Director: Julia Murat
Writers: Julia Marat, Maria Clara Escobar, Felipe Sholl
Producer: Fabienne Vonier
Director of Photography: Lucio Bonelli
Editor: Marina Meliande
Music: Lucas Marcier
Cast: Sônia Guedes, Lisa E. Fávero, Luiz Serra, Josias Ricardo Merkin, Antonio Dos San

Thank you to Ancine - Agência Nacional do Cinema.