Goodbye (Bé omid é didar)

In his latest film, celebrated Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof creates a dramatic and tense tale set in Tehran, where a young woman is desperately attempting to acquire a visa to leave the country. The beautifully shot film uses the confinement of space to cinematically express claustrophobia; its precise framing catches every subtle expression on the face of the astonishing Leyla Zareh, who plays disbarred human rights lawyer Noora. With her husband exiled to the desert for his political journalism, Noora’s personal isolation and desperation reach unbearable heights when she must make a difficult decision regarding her pregnancy as part of a complex scheme to leave the country.

2011. Iran. 104 min.
Writer/Producer/Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Executive Producers: Rozita Hendijanian, Dariuosh Ebadi
Director of Photography: Arastoo Givi
Editor: Mohammadreza Muini
Cast: Leyla Zareh, Hassan Pourshirazi, Behname Tashakor, Sima Tirandaz, Fershteh Saderorafai, Roya Teymorian, Shahab Hoseini