Romance Joe (Ro-maen-seu Jo)

In his playful first feature, Lee Kwang-kuk (previously assistant director to Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo) expertly weaves several narrative strands into an elegant web and a meditation on storytelling. Viewers find themselves down the rabbit hole in this tale of a filmmaker in search of a story; the intertwined narratives confound and displace expectations, to the point where it seems the film might be narrated by a dead character—but never mind. Lee is in full control, starting the roller coaster with a young, self-possessed barmaid in a remote inn who, in lieu of payment, recalls the time she met a suicidal guy called Romance Joe.

Director Q&A at both screenings!
2011. South Korea. 115 min.
Writer/Director: Lee Kwang-kuk
Producer: Yim Soon-rye
Executive Producer: Kim Sang-yoon
Cinematographer: Jee Yune-jeong
Editor: Son Yeon-ji
Music: Park Jin-seok
Cast: Kim Young-pil, Shin Dong-mi,Lee Chai-eun, Lee David

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