Summer of Goliath (Verano de Goliat)

The characters in Nicolás Pereda’s Summer of Goliath—a unique blend of documentary and fiction—seem to grow organically out of the green swampland they inhabit. In the rural town of Huilotepec, a woman is convinced her husband has left her for another woman; a military man is fantasizing about how he can get a machine gun to shoot people; a young boy is taunted by his peers and suspected of killing his girlfriend.

The community is full of intrigue and suspicion, and mysterious deaths haunt the town and add to the general feeling of dread. Yet into these bleak everyday lives, the director manages to stage or discover situations of absurd comedy. In a brilliant feat, Pereda blurs the real and the imaginary; the characters move effortless between the two in a constantly shifting perspective that provides emotional insight and an almost physical sense of the feelings, place, and culture he brings to life.

2010. Mexico/Canada/Netherlands. 76 minutes.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Nicholás Pereda
Cinematographer: Alejandro Coronado
Co-Producer: Andres Castañeda

Cast: Teresa Sanchez, Gabino Rodriguez, Juana Rodriguez, Harold Torres, Oscar Saavedra Miranda, Nico Saavedra Miranda, Amalio Saavedra Miranda


Night Hunter

2011. USA. Directed by Stacey Steers. 16 min.
An animated film about solitude and a bird in hand.

Verano de Goliat Trailer from nico p on Vimeo.